30 August 2010

Beluru-Lapok Road to be upgraded before state election — Sagan

LONG PELUTAN: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak gave an assurance that upgrading works on Beluru-Lapok Road would be implemented before the next election.

“The Prime Minister wants to make sure that the project is carried out before year-end or before the next election. He doesn’t want this project to be called an election gimmick by people and some parties particularly the opposition,” said International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan during his working visit to his constituency yesterday.

The 42-kilometre-long bone-jarring road has for decades been the subject of colourful expletives among many road users travelling between Baram and Miri.

The road condition is so bad that motorists have to dig deep into their pockets for regular vehicle maintenance.

Najib, during his visit to Long Banga on July 22, had announced an allocation of RM100 million for the project, which raised the people’s confidence that the road would finally be built.

The people applauded when Sagan made the announcement during the ‘1Malaysia Together with Leaders’ gathering organised by Special Affairs Department (Jasa) in collaboration with Kampung Daleh Long Pelutan’s Village Development and Security Committee.

“I had a meeting with the Prime Minister in Kuala Lumpur recently and he wants to make sure that the project will start as soon as possible and before the next election,” said Sagan.

According to Sagan, the contractors for the project will bring their equipment and machinery to the project site in the next couple of weeks.

Sagan applauded the formation of ‘Komiti Besar Adet & Tanah’ (Customary and Land Main Committee) which will look into the development of native customary rights (NCR) lands in his constituency.

In this context, he urged the people to cooperate and work together with the main committee to determine their land boundaries and ensure that there will be no disputes in the future. The committee will act as a body to administer and manage the development of the land.

Source : BorneoPost Online

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