17 August 2010

Former Telang Usan assemblyman may contest in next election

MARUDI: Former Telang Usan assemblyman Kebing Wan looks set to contest against the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate in the constituency during the coming state election.

This is because he was often seen moving around to various Iban and Kayan longhouses in the constituency.

Just last Friday night, he was accompanied by Sarawak National Party (SNAP) president Edwin Dundang Bugak on a visit to Rumah Lansam, Sg Dabai about five km  from  here where  they  held  a  dialogue, purportedly well-attended by the longhouse folks.

On Saturday night, Kebing visited and held a meeting with the people of Long Panai in Tutoh Region.

He also claimed to have received encouraging response when visiting several longhouses in Upper Baram and Lio Mato.

Kebing, a well-known figure in this constituency, served as a political secretary to the Chief Minister for about 16 years and a chairman of PBB Telang Usan before joining the opposition. In the 2006 state election, he stood on a SNAP ticket but lost to BN candidate and incumbent Lihan Jok in a three-cornered fight for the seat. He managed to garner 1,822 votes while Lihan obtained 4,593 votes. The other contender, Independent candidate Lidam Janang managed only 144 votes.

Known for his never-say-die attitude even though defeated in previous elections, Kebing won the Telang Usan seat when he defeated political secretary to the Chief Minister Robert Laing Anyie in the 1998 state election.

Besides Kebing, there are rumours that another Orang Ulu businessman will join the fray. Reliable sources said the coming state election will see a keen fight in Telang Usan.

Source : BorneoPost Online

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