26 June 2014

Surviving Long Distance Relationships

So you and your partner met online. He or she is not the typical next door guy or gal but someone who happened to be in some distant planet across the universe. After weeks or months of long hours of friendly chats and exchanged messages you both finally decided it's time to meet. So cupid crossed the vast oceans to bring Romeo & Juliet together. After a couple of dates and candlelit dinners your relationship stepped up to a higher level. But your Romeo needed to go back and a distant affair began.
But keeping a relationship across the miles is not as easy as falling in love. In fact, experts predict that more than half of those who ventured into this kind of relationship failed as early as the third month. Even married couples who are forced to live apart from each other most of the time due to career moves or personal obligations are not exempted from the unfavorable effects of long separation.
However, the remaining percentage who luckily survived-at least up to the moment expressed that any couple who has the strong desire to keep their relationship last despite the distance can beat the odds. As with any other kind of relationships, it's not easy but not impossible.
Here's how:
1. Trust Each Other. Ever wondered why couples who started on the right note ended up singing a bad tune the moment geographical distance set in? It's the "trust" factor. Long distance relationships that are built on trust often outlived their counterparts who did not have this indispensable ingredient. The death of a relationship is often attributed to the lack of trust or the absence of it. Eighty percent of my ten year old marriage was spent in terms of unimaginable distance. Just imagine what could have happened if my husband and I did not trust each other.
2. Enjoy Your Freedom. One thing that couples find hard to cope up with during long terms of separation is the need for intimacy which if not properly dealt with could lead to cheating. The first time I slept without my husband beside me was one hell of a struggle. But eventually I began to enjoy the newly-found freedom associated by his absence. I no longer have to pick up a damp towel that was carelessly thrown on the bed, no one is hovering over me in the kitchen anymore, the TV is now set to just one channel when I watch, no one will force me to join the dining table even if I'm on my own diet program and best of all, no one will wake me up right in the middle of the night just because someone needs to exercise his marital rights. Now with regards to intimacy, how would you maintain it sans the physical aspect? Read on.
3. Keep The Lines Open. Out of sight, out of mind? False. As long as you keep your communication lines open, this paradox will not happen to you. I appreciate the time and money that my husband is investing by placing a call at least twice a week. Keeping in touch in a consistent manner is one way of keeping our intimacy alive. If you and your partner or spouse constantly communicate, you will be forced to talk to each other in more productive ways, perhaps opening yourselves deeper to one another which you may not be able to do when you talk face to face because it's awkward. Surprisingly, you will notice that there is more to intimacy than just making out in bed.
4. Demand and Expect Less. Now you learned the importance of constant communication. But you now demand that your husband or wife calls you everyday in set hours even if you knew he or she can't. Next to nagging, unreasonable demands and expectations are poisonous and most women fail in this aspect of their relationships. Some days, my husband works twelve to sixteen hours so if he fails to call me on a given day I knew he was on the twelve or sixteen hours shift. It's understandable and I don't ask questions unless I wanted to start a fight.
5. Don't Forget Your Sense of Humor. My husband has a lot of this and he complements my more serious personality. Days are not always good, money is tight, the neighbor's dirty and flea stricken dog is in the lawn again, traffic is too slow you could watch a full movie in the middle of the road. These are things that can make a bad day and turn cool heads as hot as the sun. Over the phone, I always fret about these things to my husband. While other husbands might tell their wives to just shut up and stop over reacting which could usually lead to as argument because one party was not heard, my husband just laugh it off and would say, "Sweetheart, don't sweat the small stuff."
For a long distance relationship to work, both party should be committed to build a strong foundation for the relationship to survive and work towards a common goal to make it last.

Different Types of Prom Dresses - Which One Is for You?

You may feel puzzled when looking for a prom dress that suits your personality and fits other requirements. You can get prom dresses in a wide range of designs, lengths, necklines and sleeves. You are quite likely to get overwhelmed while trying to convey your ideas to the salesperson at the store, or even when searching online for a dress matching your style. Here is a brief description of terminology used for describing the various kind of style and designs that you'll find helpful in deciding the prom dress you may have in mind:
A-Line prom dress and ballroom gowns
An A line prom dress, also known as a princess dress, flares up to the hemline, narrowing down close to the waist, forming an A shape and fits the entire body. A ballroom gown is designed to have a large skirt, billowing from your waist and extending till the ankles or the mid calf. You could include a fitted waist with a top, or the top may be in the corset type.
High-low prom dresses made from chiffon and lace-covered dress
High-low dresses meander down to the hemline, meaning they're long at certain points and short at others. When you want to wear a dress that perfectly reveals your figure, you may consider wearing a sheath prom outfit that clings to your body. A lace covered dress usually has satin or a similar material underside the lace, forming the upper layer. Chiffon dresses have the appearance of the graceful night gowns sported by the Roman or Greek women. This long dress flows down the hips to the ankles and looks excellent on nearly any figure.
One-Shoulder, Baby Doll and Sleeveless Gowns
As the name indicates, one shoulder dress comes with just one strap and the other one remains without sleeve. Generally, these are long and graceful gowns. You can also get totally strapless prom dresses or gowns for formal occasions. You may or may not wear a wrap or jacket with it. Usually, a baby doll dress is exceptionally short and looks cute. It has a high waistline in the middle, fitting in the top and flowing at its base. The baby doll dress typically comes with a belt or a ribbon tied in the region of the stomach to give it the desired look.
Halter, Golden Glamour, and Modest Prom Dresses
The looks of a halter prom dress are akin to a halter top around its sleeves and the rest running toward your knees. Usually, its length is just short of your knees, giving it the looks of a high-low dress around the hemline. The golden glamour outfit is typically gleaming gold that looks like attire in the "Hollywood" design. A modest prom dress looks beautiful and modest in its simple design, which covers all, yet adds a touch of sophistication and classiness to the wearer.
Styles of Sleeves
Cup sleeves are small enough to cover just the shoulder and the upper arm. The design of Juliet sleeves makes them puffy on the shoulder and taper down to the wrist. Many may start beneath the shoulders to give the looks of 'hang off' shoulders. Thin straps without sleeves are called spaghetti straps.

Kemalangan: Diseret pikap 50 meter

KUCHING: Pantang maut sebelum ajal, seorang lelaki cedera parah sungguhpun diseret kira-kira 50 meter di bawah sebuah pikap berdekatan Jambatan Tun Salahuddin di sini, semalam.

Difahamkan, mangsa, 48, terdahulu terlibat dalam kemalangan jalan raya ketika dia bersama anak lelakinya menunggang sebuah motosikal dalam perjalanan menuju ke tempat kerja mereka sekitar jam 9 pagi.

Menurut sumber, motosikal mereka berlanggar dengan sebuah kereta jenis Toyota Mark X menyebabkan mangsa tercampak ke tengah jalan selepas jambatan menuju ke simpang lampu isyarat di Pending.

“Mangsa kemudian ‘disambut’ sebuah pikap menyebabkan dia (mangsa) diseret hampir 50 meter sebelum pemandunya menyedari mangsa tersangkut di bawah pikapnya,” kata sumber.

Orang awam yang menyaksikan kejadian tersebut segera membantu mangsa selain turut menghubungi pihak ambulans.

Dengan bantuan anggota bomba dan paramedik, mangsa yang berasal dari Kampung Bintawa Hulu itu berjaya diselamatkan dan dikejarkan ke Hospital Umum Sarawak (HUS) untuk mendapatkan rawatan.

Manakala, anak mangsa berusia 25 tahun yang juga mengalami kecederaan dilaporkan stabil dan masih menerima rawatan di HUS.

Ahli keluarga mangsa juga bergegas ke tempat kejadian sebaik dimaklumkan mengenai kemalangan tersebut.

Siasatan lanjut berhubung kemalangan itu masih dalam siasatan pihak polis. -Utusan Borneo