27 October 2010

BN’s Abdul Aziz to capitalise on home ground advantage

GUA MUSANG:  Barisan Nasional candidate Abdul Aziz Yusof will use the advantage of being born in Gua Musang to win the hearts of the voters in the Galas state constituency to ensure that BN recaptures the seat.
Ab Aziz, 49, who is the Gua Musang Umno secretary, had served as manager of the Operations Office of the Kelantan Selatan Development Authority (Kesedar) and had a better understanding of the problems of the residents in the area.

“I have been here (in Galas) longer compared to the PAS candidate who spent more time in Gua Musang. I am personally involved with the community and my previous post (in Kesedar) required me to be close to the rakyat and this is an advantage for me,” he                    said.

He told reporters this after the completion of the nomination process for the by-election for the Galas state seat at the Gua Musang Land and District Office, here yesterday.

He said that since he was announced BN candidate, he and his family had been physically and mentally prepared to face the 10-day campaigning period before polling day on Nov 4.

“I intend to meet as many voters in the Galas constituency and InsyaAllah (God willing), I will move from one village to another,” he said.

He also expressed confidence in the BN winning the by-election based on the change in sentiments shown by the people in the area compared to the general election in 2008.

He said the evaluation was based on the support and response given by the people during the visit by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin when launching the Public Housing Project at Taman Wangi here last Sunday.

Meanwhile, PAS candidate Dr Zulkefli Mohamad said he intended to continue the efforts made by the late Chek Hashim Sulaima, who was the incumbent Galas state assemblyman.

Pledging to give his best if he were elected, the medical practitioner said he would continue to implement all the programmes drawn up by Chek Hashim.

“I hope the voters in the Galas state constituency  give him a chance and vote for him to continue the PAS rule,” he told reporters after the nomination process.

On the allegation that he had committed ‘khalwat’ (close proximity) which was carried on the website of a political party on Oct 22, Dr Zulkefli said the issue had been resolved when the people who had slandered him had apologised upon realising their mistake                       and he would not take                        legal action against the people concerned. — Bernama

Source : BorneoPost Online

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