16 October 2010

SPDP puts up united stand for polls

MIRI: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) has decided to put internal conflicts and personal differences aside.

It has submitted its list of candidates for the coming state election to the BN leadership.

Party president Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom said there was no more factionalism within the party and urged certain quarters to stop barking up the wrong tree.

“We want to bring the ‘grouping’ issue to a close and the party cannot entertain personal interest but focus on obtaining victory for BN in the upcoming election,” Mawan said after handing over MRP grants to NGOs and longhouses at Miri Resident’s Office yesterday afternoon.

“Therefore, I urged these quarters to put an end to these so called ‘grouping’ and focus on winning all the eight seats for SPDP and state BN,” he added.

The SPDP seats and incumbents are Tasik Biru (Datuk Peter Nansian), Pakan (Dato Sri William Mawan),

Meluan (Datuk Peter Nyarok), Marudi Wong Judat), Ba Kelalan (Sylvester Entri Muran), Batu Danau (Nelson Balang Rinning), Saratok (Paulus Palu Ngumbang) and Bekenu (Rosey Yunus).

Mawan pointed out that the party machinery is all geared up and moving in full swing to face the opposition in the state election.

On the other hand, he said SPDP would not mind swapping seats with other BN component parties under the power-sharing concept to ensure BN wins all seats against the opposition in the coming polls.

It will not insist on fielding candidates in areas which are considered insecure areas for the party, he said.

“We must have an open attitude, and if the party cannot secure the seat, why not we swap with another BN component party to ensure BN win the seat,” he said further.

Also present during the press conference was a political secretary to the Chief Minister, Kijan Toynbee.

Source : BorneoPost Online

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