23 October 2010

BN confident of retaining Batu Sapi

KOTA KINABALU: Barisan National Sabah secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan is confident that the BN will retain Batu Sapi in the by-election.

“Insyah Allah (God willing) Barisan Nasional will win and I would like to ask the voters in Batu Sapi to use this by-election as a strong signal from the people of Sabah to our Prime Minister.

“We need to let our Prime Minister know that the people of Sabah agree with the Government Transformation Program (GTP) and Economic Transformation Program (ETP) which he announced recently,” Rahman said when met by reporters after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on behalf on Yayasan Sabah Shipping to collaborate with Alam Maritim Resources to explore oil and gas opportunities in Sabah waters.

According to Rahman, Sabahans must use this chance to give the Prime Minister a clear signal for him to continue transforming the  economy and government.

He added that there is no better chance for the people in Sabah to express their support and that “we want the BN’s win to be an absolute decision because it is important for us to give support and confidence to the Prime Minister for him to continue the transformation.”

“If there are changes like a victory for opposition in this by-election, nothing much will happen. Firstly, the federal government will still be under Barisan National. It’s a mid-term election anyway so we have to be smart and think smart.

“If we were to give this opportunity to the opposition, they are not capable of looking after the interests of the voters in Batu Sapi as they are in disarray.  I believe so.

“I have seen how SAPP members of parliament in parliament, they just talk, they cannot even convince the government on what to do in the areas they are representing.

“So we do not want Batu Sapi, which is developing very fast, to fall into such a situation,” Rahman said.

But he said BN did not want to say that the by-election would be an easy job and they would continue to go down to Batu Sapi.

“I will personally go down there tomorrow with the Chief Minister to make sure our officers are working day and night to ensure all voters will be told about BN’s election manifesto,” he said.

Commenting on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s plans to come in to talk with Datuk Yong Teck Lee about a possible work-together for the election, Rahman said he doubted SAPP would join hands with Pakatan Rakyat.

“I have told many friends that I expect SAPP will not compromise because the very existence of SAPP is based on fact, that is it will not bow down to influences and powers of peninsula-based political parties.

“So when Datuk Anwar tries to discuss with Datuk Yong on a possible partnership, deep down in my heart I thought that it would be a waste of time because SAPP is not interested to work with Pakatan Rakyat to stand against Barisan National in this coming Batu Sapi by-election,” he said.

However, Rahman said BN was prepared to face this by-election even if it was a three-cornered or two-cornered fight.

“But I have been told that more than 30 nomination forms have been taken and I think that there will be many more independent candidates who think they can win, will appear during the nomination,” he said.

Source : BorneoPost Online

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